if i leave you?

What if one day, I leave you?
It's not because I hate you, but it's because I love you..
Will you find me?
Or will you just think I'm one of the person who walks in and out of your life like others?
Or maybe your appearance is just for temporary in my life?
Will you find me and prove that you are the one?
Or will you do something stupid?
Will you do anything so that you can forget me?
Or will you just keep quiet and keep remembering me as a memory?
Or you never care about me leaving you or not because I'm nobody?
When can all this be answered?
How can I be sure that you are there, real and loving me?
Is it  enough with my faith on you?
If and only if all this is a lie, I won't hate you but..
I'll hate myself for letting you in.
Rahsia dihati takde sape yang tahu


Nur Nabilah Umar said...

aku suka post ni :D
ada la kene ckit ngn aku kot :D

loneeyJNH said...

hehe, siapa2? :p

blog ini adalah hak milik mutlak JNHH