know my words, know my style, only then you'll get what i mean~

this blog is especially made for me to have some space to express what i feel, those who think you would like to know me, yes, you may proceed by following this blog for sure, haha :D

well, first and foremost, the name is JASMIZA NURUL HAZMIRA BINTI HAMZAH. just simply call me Jas, feel free to be friend with you.. ^_^

i'm a simple person with a simple need, no big deal, for me, life is about being happy with what you have and what you are.. let other people talk about you, they don't know you anyway, you know who you are, right? i hate it when someone force me in any situation or what so ever.. i don't like being forced, especially in friendship.. i do have a lot of friend but still i felt empty, when it comes to problems, i'd be comfortable to just keep it in myself coz, nobody can understand you better than youself, isn't it? so, i'll cry alone, i'll be sad and angry alone, but feel free to share my happiness with other.. ^_^
yup, that's me~
sometimes, i might be smiling, but, my heart is crying..
sometimes, i might be crying, but, it's for happiness..

i'm not asking for much, just want everybody around me to be happy with me around and even without me, they'll still be happy.. if they're happy, then it's enough for me.. 

i do, sometimes want someone to care about me, but when that happens, i'll be like, no thanks.. haha~

i'll run away and live my life alone.. coz that's just how i lived for about 18 years now..

that's all for now~
till we meet again.., haha.. ^^

Rahsia dihati takde sape yang tahu


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