i'm not a good person

i'm sorry. i didn't know, that one word affect u that much. i didn't mean it that way. 

you're not a stranger in my life, just.. a stranger in my heart. who and what are you? i don't know much.. i only hear things from you, not from anyone else. it just came out sometime, who is he? where is him? what is he doing now? who is this guy that is in your heart? that's why, i asked so many things from you, but.. nothing. 

me myself is complicated as much as how complicated my life is. you can't fully understand me. i'll keep hurting people around me without i realizing it. 

i'm sorry for everything. i'm sorry to everyone. sorry for being bad. sorry for being too nice to anyone and make them feel that you can count on me. consider me as a friend only and not a good friend coz i'm not. maybe not even a good person. 


Rahsia dihati takde sape yang tahu

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