BEL260 class :D

Assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon to all my reader.. hehe~

speaking pulak Jas ari ni, haha :p

hee, well, just for fun, today, by this moment i'll post my entry in english since i'm in my english class with prof maksom.. as usual, i'm in my front sit, in front of my pc.. in front of lecturer's table also!haha~ as usual, he'll gave us some newspaper article, we'll start reading it and find the meaning of some difficult words on the internet which is online dictionary of course.. hee..

so, as you can see, that is the online dictionary that i've used to search the meaning of difficulut words, hee, impressive isn't it? haha~ NOT REALLY.. there's other tab besides that online dictionary.. that would be of course, either FACEBOOK or BLOGGER.. :p haha~

okay, that's all for now, go to go, class dismissed! :D

Rahsia dihati takde sape yang tahu


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