you and me

i'm not saying that i'm kind, i'm perfect, i'm smart and what so ever the best thing in the world, but yes, i do have brain, i have a heart, i'm a normal human being who has a feeling, who can think, who knows how to angry, how to be sad and how to be happy. sometimes, what can make me happy is not something that can make you happy, sometimes also, something that make me sad doesn't bother you at all, i'm not asking for much, just please for a second, spend time even for a second to think about what i might feel, what i might keep in my heart and what other people might think.

i'm trying my best to be nice to everyone, i want to be friend with everyone, sometimes i felt like, i want to walk in a group, but sometimes i'd rather walk alone than having anybody with me. don't make me hate you in silence, it's not good and even i don't want to be like that. i'm being nice with you, so please at least consider about this 'stupid and nice' jasmiza..

sorry to everybody if after this i'm being harsh, it's just that i'm tired of being nice, if you consider me as a friend, AT LEAST, please be nice.. perhaps all this long, i'm being nice to the wrong person that i feel this way. i'm touched, i cry, but you don't know.. i can only pray the best for you, wish you all the best, thank you for each and every good moment between us, i'll forget all the bad moment, may our friendship last forever and i care for you..that's why i'm saying this  =")

* ngeh2.. sedih tak? sesaje~~~~
Rahsia dihati takde sape yang tahu


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